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Personal Graphics
Website Name Graphic.png
JTK Logo White.png

Both of these graphics were made from scratch. I found royalty-free pngs and added lettering to create personal logos that represent an aspect of my personality. The light blue brushstrokes represent my light hearted and creative side. The cat is a play on my last name and a literal representation of my love for the animal. It also represents my curiosity and intellectual side.

Social Media Graphics

I started by creating the gradient background using the color code from the branding sheet STAGES provided me. From there I added the premade STAGES logo and added/designed the text to fit the space. Then I lifted the two women out of the promotional photo using Adobe Photoshop and overlaid them onto the graphic. Finally, I added the confetti .png to add more depth and texture to the graphic as a whole.

Student Rush Tickets confetti.png

Social Media Tile for the 2021 STAGES St. Louis production of ALWAYS... PATSY CLINE.

Ann Kreitman Spotlight.jpg

The process for making this graphic was more about taking a number of premade components and arranging them to be visually appealing. I took the headshot then overlaid the premade Conservatory logo in the corner. I pulled the Geva logo and the 'Once' design from Geva's website then rearranged it to fit the horizontal space. 

Social Media Tile featuring WebCo Alum Ann Krietman's work on an adaptation of Once with Geva Theatre Center 

The process for creating this print advertisement was similar to the graphic above, but on a larger and more detailed scale. I started by taking the photo of the PAC and found a way to seamlessly integrate the gradient from top to bottom. From there, I added the STAGES logo and stars to the graphic to add some depth and texture. I finished by designing the text and inputting the premade show logos to the page.

Full Page.png

Full Page Magazine Advertisement for the STAGES St. Louis 2021 Season

Reviews 2.1.png

This e-Blast design started with the production photo from 'Jersey Boys' being added to the gradient of the black background. After adding the premade STAGES and show logo, I pulled the best quotes from the published reviews and gave them an almost neon glowing effect to help them lift off of the graphic. 

e-Blast to Season Subscribers with reviews of the 2021 production of JERSEY BOYS at STAGES St. Louis

This was one of my favorite projects to work on. I used Adobe Premier Pro to edit this video. I was given all of the graphics for the shows and sent all of the videos I needed to include. From there I found royalty-free music that fit the vibe of the announcement and started timing the text to appear and move in time with the music. After creating a rough cut of the entire announcement, I adjust volume levels and added transitions between videos to make the entire video appear seamless.

Video Editing
Website Design

This project was a surprise for the graduating class of 2020. The head of my program got all of those professionals to submit videos and I went through and edited them all for him. The process was very similar to the Announcement video but on a much larger scale. 

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